The conditions of entry to the competition are published on this website.   You will be asked to formally agree to the conditions upon entry.

The 2023 Creative Focus has four categories

1.Creative Focus:

Creative Focus - This is our OPEN Subject, so anything goes. In camera techniques (like slow shutter movement/double exposure) filters, layering, composite images, abstracts, you name it…go wild!!

2.Floral Fantasy:

This subject brings to mind, beautiful vibrant colourful flowers or people dressed in colourful floral attire. Fantasy conjures up lots of different magical, surreal exciting images. They may be more abstract or clear sharp images that capture the imagination.

3.Reflections :

Reflections - Known as a mirror image. Its basic premise is capturing an image that also uses a reflective surface that is echoing the surrounding scenery/object etc. Maybe any genre including landscape, still life, abstract, etc.

4.In the Style of:

In the Style of: - Study a well-known artist of any media and use techniques, colors, textures, subjects etc similar to the artist. Name of the artist may be included somewhere in your title.

These are the awards for each category: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, Honours, Highly Commended, and Acceptance certificates.
In addition, Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club Creative Focus - Competition Supreme Award is awarded to the best overall image.


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